Supergas, a market leader in supplying natural gas to industry, specializes in the design and construction of cogeneration facilities for end -consumers using the BOT and BOO methods. The production and supply of electricity is part of the company’s core operations. 

Supergas specializes in initiating and developing cogeneration projects.


CHP: Combined Heat and Power is a process by which natural gas is used to produce two kinds of energy – electricity and thermal energy (heat or steam) – locally, at the customer’s facility. The thermal energy produced is used for space heating, cooling, hot water, air conditioning and more. 


When using cogeneration technology on premises, the total cost of generating electricity and heat is lower than the production costs when the two are produced separately. This means high energy efficiency and greater economic benefit for the customer. 


In addition, Supergas supplies natural gas, through national pipelines and by transporting compressed natural gas (CNG) using tanker trucks. Supergas offers comprehensive engineering solutions, including converting existing energy systems to natural gas using the TK and BOT methods, while addressing all regulatory and technical issues.