Supergas is a proactive, entrepreneurial energy company working to initiate and develop projects in a variety of areas:

  • The conversion of industrial plants to use of natural gas
  • CNG projects for industry 
  • CNG projects for the transportation sector
  • Cogeneration energy projects (the production of electricity and thermal energy from natural gas)

Over the last decade, Supergas has made significant breakthroughs in supplying natural gas to the industrial and transportation sectors.

We believe that transitioning to natural gas, a trend emerging all over the world, will result, first and foremost, in an ongoing improvement in the quality of the air we breathe.

Using natural gas also allows for significant economic savings compared to other polluting fuels, such as diesel or fuel oil, and allows for a significant reduction in electricity self-production costs.

Supergas offers its customers turnkey projects, overseeing all aspects of the project — planning, licensing, construction, operation and maintenance, financing and managing regulatory compliance – in order to provide a final product that is ready to be used upon completion.